The Morning After: Fortnite’s new season ditches building (for a moment)

Epic continues to shake things up for the biggest battle royale game. This is a big change, however. It’s temporarily ditched one of the game's core mechanics — building — for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. You can still destroy objects, but you won't receive any wood, stone or metal to create a temporary wall or other fortifications — lest we forget, the game’s called Fortnite. In a suitably meta twist, the loss of the building ability seems to be a key part of this season's storyline.

If you live to build, the feature will still be available in competitive, creative and Save the World modes — it's only gone in casual game queues for now. Fortnite’s creators are also supporting Ukraine relief efforts, with all proceeds from V-Bucks sales, Battle Passes and Fortnite Crew subscriptions are being donated through April 3rd.

— Mat Smith

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Windows 11 will add a watermark if you use unsupported hardware

It’s trying to stop workarounds to run Windows 11 on older PCs.

The Verge has learned that the most recent Windows 11 Release Preview build applies a watermark to the desktop if you use a workaround to run the operating system on unsupported hardware. Windows 11 officially requires either an 8th-generation Intel Core CPU or an AMD chip based on a Zen+ or Zen 2 architecture. Many believe the cutoff is arbitrary. You just need to add a Microsoft-sanctioned registry tweak to bypass a CPU check to install the OS without a rejection message. Microsoft has warned it might not provide updates to these PCs, however.

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The best tablets you can buy

We’ve got picks for every ecosystem and some affordable options.


While tablets don’t always get the same level of attention as smartphones or laptops — landing right in the middle in size and specs — they’ve become an increasingly important category of devices for many, particularly with the recent shift to working and learning from home. Their straightforward designs make them easy to use, while improvements to Windows 11 and iPadOS allow many tablets to pull double-duty as part-time productivity devices.

However, there are a lot of options out there, so it can be difficult to pick the right one. We’ve done a bunch of the hard work for you, and we’ve got our top picks across a range of categories and prices, smartly timed after the release of the latest slates from both Apple and Samsung.

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CD Projekt Red is developing a new Witcher game

And it will run on Unreal Engine 5.


Now the developer has run out of platforms to port The Witcher 3 to (it made it, somehow, to the Switch), it’s time for a new game. CD Projekt Red announced the project today with a teaser it shared on Twitter. "A new saga begins," the teaser states, with what looks like a lynx-like Witcher medallion image. The teaser suggests this new game will star a Witcher from the School of the Cat — the last protagonist, Geralt, was from the School of the Wolf. This could mean a different style of game, as these Witchers don't have a policy that stops them from involving themselves in the politics of the Continent. Intrigue abounds!

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DJI's $10k work drone can fly autonomously in harsh weather

This isn’t for glossy wedding drone videography.

DJI has unveiled the Matrice 30, an enterprise-class drone with IP55 dust and water resistance that lets it fly in heavy rain, strong wind and even icy situations. It can fly to altitudes as high as 22,965ft above sea level (with the right propellers) and survive temperatures between -4F and 122F. DJI is taking orders for the M30 today, and M300 RTK drone owners can also buy a new Zenmuse H20N sensor with "starlight-grade" night vision. The base M30 starts at $9,999.

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