Hollywood reacts to the death of Peter Bogdanovich

Tributes to Peter Bogdanovich poured in following the death of the filmmaker, writer, critic and film historian. Bogdanovich, whose films included “The Last Picture Show” and “Paper Moon,” died Thursday at the age of 82.


“Oh dear, a shock. I am devastated. He was a wonderful and great artist. I’ll never forgot attending a premiere for ‘The Last Picture Show.’ I remember at its end, the audience leaped up all around me bursting into applause lasting easily 15 minutes. I’ll never forget although I felt I had never myself experienced a reaction like that, that Peter and his film deserved it. May he sleep in bliss for eternity, enjoying the thrill of our applause forever.” — Francis Ford Coppola, by email.

“Peter was my heaven & earth. A father figure. A friend. From ‘Paper Moon’ to ‘Nickelodeon’ he always made me feel safe. I love you, Peter.” — Tatum O’Neal, on Instagram.

“He was a dear friend and a champion of cinema. He birthed masterpieces as a director and was a most genial human. He single-handedly interviewed and enshrined the lives and work of more classic filmmakers than almost anyone else in his generation.” — Guillermo del Toro, on Twitter.

“We are saddened to hear about the passing of prolific director and a dear friend of ours, Peter Bogdanovich. A leading voice of ’70s Hollywood and a champion of Classic Hollywood, his passion inspired generations of filmmakers.” — Turner Classic Movies, on Twitter.

“Such a great film appreciator & creator, taught a lot of us where to look.” — writer-director Whit Stillman

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